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February 3rd, 2009

ravenna_blue @ 01:56 pm: My First Oath - Finally!!!
(cross posted to my dedicant notebook - http://www.anivair.com/ravenna/ and the dp lj community )

So after months of fretting and planning and changing because it didn’t feel right. I have completed my first oath!

It seems that I, the woman who wishes she was a free spirit, actually *IS* moved sometimes my fate! I had written and re-written my oath and the wording never felt right. I had planned to set aside time no fewer than three times to actually schedule my oath, each time cancelling because it didn’t feel right.

Apparently, it just took a gentle push from the divine to tell me it was the right time. I called Joe, asked him to grab my tools, get some incense and to be ready to take off when I got home.

I jumped out of the car. grabbed the offerrings that I have been preparing for months. I got all of the things that we needed for our own mini-rite and we grabbed the puppy and jumped into the car, heading to “my spot”.

“My spot” is a small section of the Hoover Reservoir Park. It is a place that means a lot to me. A few years ago, I went there regularly on my way home. I needed a place to cry, and it was pretty. A great friend of mine turned the space around for me. I stopped going there for tears, and started going there for comfort, for inspiration and for recharging when my internal batteries got low.

I felt it was important that I started my dedicant program here.

So, up we drove (and on January 24th, it was snowy and freezing cold) and I was excited and nervous.

So, I set up my ritual space. Had candles, a well, an actual living tree and was out in nature. I set out my sacrifices.

1) An apple for the nature spirits that I had cut in half and dried months ago into the natural star shape.

2) A moonstone for the well - for the ancestors.

3) Oil I made from the Samhain rite mulled spices - sent to the shining ones

I had Joe use my hand carved wand for the opening of the gates.

I called all to bear witness. Nature spirits, Ancestors and Shining ones. There were no outsdwellers for this rite. Everyone was welcome to bear witness.

I thanked everyone for their presences and then gave my offerrings.

Once the offerrings had been made, I made a simple, honest oath. To study the old ways and incorporate them into my path. To always seek to learn about my faith. To live a life with reverence for the spirits and ancestors, shining ones and to care for the world around me. I asked them to bear witness to my promise and to help me when the path got hard.

My hands and feet were frozen; I was shaking and my nose was sniffly. It was amazingly, painfully cold. But I felt an inner warmth that was helping me get through. Finally came the point where I tried lighting the oil to send my intentions to the shining ones. And it was so cold the butane in my lighter had turned from a liquid to a gas and wouldn’t light.

I had to cheat and light incense with another already lit candle. Sometimes, inviting EVERYONE to witness is both a blessing and a recipe for mischief, but nonetheless, it made me giggle and brought levity to my ritual!

Next was time for omens.

1) Was my offering accepted?

Temperance - “appreciation of moderation through experience of the extremes; to live through the darkest night and the brightest day to appreciate both the twilight and the dawn.” - I’d say the answer was yes.

2) What can the powers offer me in return?

Three of Pentacles - “embodies the principle that hard work and service are rewards unto themselves”- Yup…hard work is what is expected of the dedicant program…and completeing it is a journay and a reward as well.

3) What more do the powers ask of us?

(I can’t remember the card, I will look it up when I get home) - “excitement, dedication,”

I thanked everyone, made a few comments of gratitude and then Joe closed the gates, and it was over.

All in all a twenty minute ritual that seemed to be FOREVER due to the cold. but as I told Joe on the way home, the cold made me aware of every movement. Every shift in weight, every movement of my fingers, my lips as I spoke the words of my oath.

It was bitter cold, but I feld the wind and the cold and everypart of my body at once. More keenly aware of my physical self than I think I could have ever been.

I guess sometimes, overplanning is bad. Spur of the moment ritual seemed to work well for me this time. (If only I had remembered my camera!!!!)

I’m glad that I have it behind me and I can work on the dedicant’s program without this draging me behind.

Now, that I’ve made my promise, I have to get to the hard parts!!!

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June 15th, 2008

avngrdnpriestes @ 08:47 pm: MACA.....
I  know this isn't specifically Druid oriented, but I felt that getting this out to as many people as possible could benefit a great many people.  Forgive me if you think its spam.  I think its something worth doing.

I finally got all the images together and uploaded to a store front.  MACA.  Mothers Against Court Abuse.  Take a look, support if you desire.  Aside from my personal experiences, I feel that it is LONG overdue.  Feel free to pass on the link.


In Light......

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November 29th, 2007

apeiron_gaia @ 10:42 am: Yule on 16th
 My husband and I are going to try to come to the Yule celebration on the 16th.  What kind of toy should we bring?  Who should I talk to first about it?  I don't want to just walk in and no one know who we are.


November 12th, 2007

apeiron_gaia @ 07:05 pm: Hello!
Hello there,

I am interested in learning more about ADF.  I live in Bexley and have been reading about Hellenismos and Celtic Reconstructionism, and there are parts I love about each, but something missing in each, as well.

I am super busy up through the New Year, but wanted to introduce myself and say I hope to make an appearance in the near future.  Any recommendations on books I should read?  Would anyone like to email back and forth or add me to their lj to discuss ADF further?  That would be great.

Thanks and hello.


September 15th, 2007

tanrinia @ 01:56 pm: Funny Things Overheard at Comfest

"I thought the Romans killed you off?"

"I'm just looking at all the pretty stuff"
"The Celtic stuff?" (Mike)
"Feel free to stare all you like" (Mike, who then added, after she left looking all uncomfortable...) "No one ever said Druidism was comfortable."

"Ooh! I've got that in my room!" (referring to one of the tapestries)

"What are you doing at Comfest?"

"Good luck with that."


"I'm greek orthodox, but I'm looking for Celtic Orthodox, which retains a lot of this liturgy."

"They're a Druid grove!"

(After we gave her directions) "You guys were so helpful. Tahnk you! Everyone else was like 'Fuck You' "
"Well, that's the problem with being a church, you have to be nice." (Jim or Mike)
"Oh! I'm sorry!!" (for swearing at a church booth?)


"Why are all your shirts matching?"
"We're part of three cranes, a local Druid church."
"Oh? You're druids?"
"Yes. We've worked hard to become such."
"Well, congratulations."

"I've already explored that part of my life, and I'm on to a new one."

"What's 'drekt'? Did I say that right?"

"I do good card tricks. I don't do Tarot. Tarot for bitches."

"What I need to do is find my dictionary; it was in my room, and then it was just like ... gone."

"Okay, how can you have the same ritual at two times?" (then reads more closely) "Oh, so I should read the whole thing."

when asked whether a person would like to go to one of our rituals: "Um, I'm a confirmed Unitarian."

Jim: "Feel free to ask us any questions--we've heard them all"
Person 1: "I don't know I can ask any intelligent ones."
Jim: "Well, we've heard plenty of nonintelligent ones today, too."
Person 2 (as if on cue): "What do you all do?

Wierdest thing seen: man with portable Geiger counter. scariest thing: it was clicking loudly.

"Druids used to disembowel people."

"I'm the first on the list, so there's not much more thant I want from you until you contact me and tell me how great you are. But I'll have to remember that you're number 4."

carrying a really old combination computer/boxfan, muttered as he passed by "Bye Bye see ya next year."

Jim: "Oh, I'll sign the petition to sve our strippers, don't give them sick leave!"


"I used to be Irish, but now I've decided to be a teacup." Okay, what he ACTUALLY said was "Latino," but we didn't hear them right at first. Either one is funny.

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August 27th, 2007

chronarchy @ 05:44 pm: A return from Summerland
Who knew that there was a sacred well at Camp Clifton, where Summerland is held?

And of course, we got a photo in front of itCollapse )

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June 5th, 2007

tanrinia @ 11:42 am: Hey...

Any chance anna and nick can

1. be there for the business meeting and
2. be there either early or stay late to have a brief warrior's guild lodge meeting (and anyone else who is interested, for that matter)?

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May 7th, 2007

bloodlikerain @ 02:20 am: A bit of an unusual request.
Read more...Collapse )

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July 31st, 2006

bloodlikerain @ 05:10 pm: Lughnasadh Rite, thoughts.
You know guys, for a totally unscripted rite, I think it went SOO WELL.

There is something to be said about just, speaking from your heart.

we might wanna try something unscripted again sometime *wink* I could really *feel* Lugh there, and that was incredible to me. Thanks guys.

I wanted to snag some of those baby Acorns from that oak tree, but I forgot.

What was your favorite part of the Rite?

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